MB Sport Camps has been coined as the “EVERYTHING CAMP!”  and is one of the only camps that offer off-campus, organized field trips on a nightly basis.

The wide range of activities we offer makes our campers summer experience better than the BEST.  

Examples of Activities:  

  • Baseball Games – RED SOX
  • MLS Soccer Games
  • Blue Man Group Shows
  • 6 Flags – Attraction park
  • Water Country
  • Bowling
  • Movies
  • Beach Trips
  • Whale Watch
  • Trips to Downtown Boston, Quincy Market, Boston Duck Tours
  • and much more! 


Activities vary per location. For calendar and details about your location click one of the locations below



What if my child chooses NOT to attend an off-campus/evening activity?

Not all campers choose to attend each and every evening activity. For those campers who prefer to stay back on Campus, there are many in-dorm activities such as: ping pong tables, theWii, movies, board games, playing sports for fun (non-instructional), watching Movies in the lounge, etc. 

How will Campers Be supervised during Non-Sports Hours? 

Our sports camps are one of the only camps that offer proper full time non-coaching staff supervision. Our policy is that supervision is of the utmost importance. Others fall short in this area, we do not!

No other sports camp can boast of the following supervision: Two different staff, a sports instruction staff and a separate resident staff of non-sports counselors for 24-hour supervision, activity programming and accompaniment. We have staff working around the clock to make sure that each camper is safe, comfortable and secure in the dormitories. Camp owners and directors also reside on the premises.


DIRECTOR’s TIP: MB Sports Camps is different from a traditional American camp by the fact that we do not FORCE campers to participate in off or on-campus evening activities. If you know that your child is shy or takes a little gentle “nudging” to participate in activities, we highly recommend you choose and activity for your child to attend every night. This will avoid you receiving the phone call stating: “I am bored, there is nothing to do.” In fact there are always at least 4 options of activities per night, but we will not obligate children to attend any activity. Our decision to do this is because the majority of the campers that ask to optout of organized evening activities truly ARE tired or just want to relax in the lounges with their friends after a long, busy day of sports. It is the shy camper that will say he/she is tired – but really needs someone to push him/her to get out and get active! Parents, you know your children BEST! Think about their personality and use this in your decision making for which activities to register for.